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Bio Safety Cabinet


Biosafety or Biological Safety Cabinets designed for protection of operator, product and environment from pathogenic agents and microorganisms transmitted in respiratory way and also for creation of bacterial dust free air environment. Our range of Biosafety Cabinets includes Class I, Class II and Class III.
We offer Biosafety Cabinets perfect for protecting the operator and environment from materials that are hazardous for operators’ health. This Class I type of Biological Safety Cabinet removes hazardous substances from the working zone through the air up-flow. This system equipped with two agents and therefore there is no risk of the cross contamination owing to laminar / unidirectional air up-stream.
Our Biosafety cabinets are available in various types

  • Class II Type A- 70% recirculation & 30% exhaust
  • Class II Type A/B - 100% recirculation
  • Class II Type B1 - 30% recirculation & 70% exhaust
  • Class II Type B2 - 100% exhaust with incinerations
  • Class III - 100% exhaust


Our Bio Safety Cabinet are


Water treated ply with lamination MS with powder coated inner stainless steel S.S 304

Sizes Available :


Model No

Area in feet


INN – 3A

4 x 2 x 2

INN – 3B

6 x 2 x 2


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